Here you will find a list of this years main tracks. We are still looking for speakers, so if you find a topic that you would like to talk about don't hesitate to sign up as a speaker.
Making Business with Open Source
Sharing your source code should not mean you loose your business. Hear how companies are able to maintain business and was able to turn Open Source into an advantage.
Data Management and Analysis
We will look at both storage solutions and analysis tool to learn from your data.
Hear about platform technologies to host open source code, as well as platforms to replace the closed source alternatives.
Tools Supporting Development
We will dig into build automation and give an overview of open source tools to make your development pipeline lean.
Introduction to Open Source
For newcomers we will provide a gentle introduction to explain the basis. You will learn about how Linux started, licenses and general terms related to open source.
Security and Administration
There will be focus on firewalls, systems to detect attackers and encryption.