Johan Thelin
Degrees of Freedom

Bio: Johan Thelin is the founder of Koderize and co-founder of Kuro Studio. He has a background in embedded Linux and Qt, but finds himself focusing more and more on how to properly run projects in an open source setting and how to leverage open source in products in a good way. He has more than 20 years of industry experience, is an experienced speaker, has written numerous printed and on-line articles and is the author of Foundations of Qt Development as well as the QML Book.
Abstract: In this talk we look at open source projects from a broader perspective, discussing what needs to be open apart from the source, to make the project successful. The talk touches on licensing, how projects are run, but also the non-free aspects of various projects. For instance - how to do responsible disclosure of security issues in an open environment, how to protect trademarks, how to deal with patents. To make the contents more tangeable, the talk is based on real world examples.