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Open Source Days 2018

The OSD Community Day in 2018 will take place at Saturday, the 17th of March. It is again targeted at newcomers to Open Source technology and experienced members of the community alike. With 3 tracks packed with talks on various levels, we strive to create an atmosphere which inspires to learn and get involved.

We are this year again hosted by Metropol. It has proven to be a fantastic venue for the event and we're looking forward to be back.

Note: With the new parking regulation parking around Metropol is 9 DKK per hour (yellow zone). Parking on Metropol's own parking lot is not allowed.
The OSD Business Day 2018 will, to be held at Friday, the 16th of March and will be also at Metropol this time.

We have been venturing in a new area with the Business Day, which was held the first time in 2017. An overwhelming response from the first attendees has convinced us that the concept is sound and we are confident to grow the event by a lot in 2018.

At the business day the program is focused on introducing enterprise grade Open Source solutions and tooling.
Metropol Sigurdsgade 26
Copenhagen 2200